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“Data is not Information, Information is not Knowledge, Knowledge is not Understanding, Understanding is not Wisdom.”

Clifford Stoll
Attributed to Cliff Stoll and Gary Schubert, in Mark R Keeler’s, “Nothing to Hide: Privacy in the 21st Century”, p. 112, 0th Edition 2006 (@Amazon)

The Guild Limousine Taibhse is envisioned as an Ancillary Cooperative sponsored by the ΛrTintrí Ecocentric Transport mission of Fleet Réalta Corps. Our Chauffeur/Pilots who go by the moniker of Taibhse meaning Ghosts in the Irish tongue. These people are consummate experts in the navigation and command of a fleet of advanced electric transport, vehicles that are a generation of more beyond anything operating on land, sea, air, space above and beyond. The Taibse and Makers of ΛrTintrí cooperatively work to research, design, develop, train, and operate this fleet.

Taken as a whole their mission is essential to the Fleet Réalta Corps purpose of reinventing critical infrastructure, manage risk, reduce costs and thereby further to cause of aiding those subscribing to a neighborhood, city, or state’s social contract to more effectively use their time, talent, and treasure to secure health, fitness, and prosperity.

As a community of practice, the Taibhse are committed to the highest discipline in the honing of those skills required to pilot and navigate our craft under the most demanding conditions with consistent high confidence mission completion.